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Telephone Headsets

Telephone headsets connect to a fixed-line telephone system. A telephone headset functions by replacing the handset of a telephone. Headsets for standard corded telephones are fitted with a standard 4P4C commonly called an RJ-9 connector. Headsets are also available with 2.5mm jack sockets for many DECT phones and other applications. Cordless bluetooth headsets are available, and often used with mobile telephones. Headsets are widely used for telephone-intensive jobs, in particular by call centre workers. They are also used by anyone wishing to hold telephone conversations with both hands free.
The decision for picking the headsets for your organization depends on the cost and the practical purpose for which it is to be used particularly. It would be way better to opt a solution that is right for your business subject to certain parameters such as the audio quality, noise suppression, noise isolating etc…it could be the great deal for your business in terms of cost and time.
The telephone headsets we deal includes the global names such as Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser and Axtel brands.

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