LG IPECS Telephone System

iPECS PBX  from LG-Ericsson is a pure IP Phone System solution developed with the medium and small size business as the primary goal. Its design is modular so it’s easy to grow as the business grows along with a completely distributed IP architecture.LG Ericsson it offers your business together with the latest productivity tools and communication applications where ever your offices or staff are located.In the middle of the iPECS platform is the iPECS Call Server. This highly reliable purpose built Call Server controls and maintains communications between end-points and shared network resources. It’s available in four size configurations (50, 100, 300 and 600 ports) to fit your business requirements. And if your business is spread across several office locations up to 70 Call Servers can be networked together supporting features including unified numbering plan, centralised attendant increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of inter-office connectivity communications.

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LG Ericsson Phones
LG Ericsson Phones

iPECS features a wide selection of user desk-top terminals. The LIP 8000 series includes four handset models and four types of DSS Consoles to supply

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