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Grandstream Dect Phones

DECT is a wireless technology which is now being accepted globally to make the communication possible with different networks like the PSTN, ISDN etc…So it has become an adaptable option for the small and business organizations to have a refined and enhanced communication. With the rise of this technology, so many application markets for the DECT have begun to materialize and indeed in some cases it is established even.
As the DECT find its use in Wireless PABX application, it offers a greater flexibility in implementing a wireless (cordless) telephone system in a typical factory or warehouses. An incoming call for a given handset is automatically channeled to the correct handset where ever you are in the premise range. As the user moves around within the range of wireless base stations, the call can be handed over without an interruption or break. This wireless solution has found its real success in number of realms like the warehouses, hospitals, customer care industry etc…
Part of the DECT phone family, the Grandstream cordless products offers a convenient and viable explanation to your business environment. They features a handy design including the shared line mode, progressive telephony features, multiple SIP accounts and more. The Grandstream DECT set is your perfect partner in the high demanding working environments where it provides unmatched level of communication.

Grandstream DP720 Dect Phone
Grandstream DP720 Dect Phone

Utilize mobility and call efficiency to increase the productivity throughout any communications network. The DP720 mobile DECT handset is the perfect solution for any business, warehouse, retail store or residential environment. It is supported by Grandstream’s DP750 DECT VoIP base station.

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